Commercial Photo Gallery

Wet spots on hardwood floor

Hardwood Floor Damage at a Rental in Muncy, PA

Did you know that SERVPRO of Williamsport/Montoursville has hardwood floor drying mat systems to assist with drying your water damaged hardwood? If the damage is caught quick enough, SERVPRO has a good chance of saving your beautiful hardwood floors!

Footprints in white powder on the floor

Fire Extinquisher Dust in Williamsport, PA

This commercial property had a small fire that was put out with a fire extinguisher- leaving powder from the fire extinguisher EVERYWHERE! Call SERVPRO of Williamsport/Montoursville for your clean up needs!

Water on the floor in a commercial garage space

Williamsport Water Leak

The owner of this commercial property called us overwhelmed because they came in to find 2 of their buildings covered in inches of water from a big water pipe leak. 

Floor mat drying system on a gym floor after a water damage

Floor Mat Drying System

If your commercial (or residential) property has hardwood and you are concerned with how hard it might be to dry or fear that it getting wet means it may need to be replaced- there may be options! SERVPRO's floor drying mat system is top of the line and if remediated soon enough could have your hardwood floors dry quickly!

Airmover attached to hoses injecting air through holes in the wall

Commercial Drying From the Inside Out!

When this commercial property suffered a water damage, they were left feeling pretty overwhelmed. With the help of our Wall Injectidry system, our knowledgeable and highly trained technicians were able to efficiently dry the inside of the wall without having to remove all the drywall. SERVPRO of Williamsport / Montoursville is available for all your commercial (or residential) water damage needs!

Floor mat drying system on a wet gym floor

Ready For Your Water Emergency in Lock Haven, PA

In this photo you see our floor drying mat systems, dehumidifiers and air movers hard at work inside our drying tent to ensure this commercial property in Lock Haven, PA dries efficiently after their water damage so the gym could open quickly for their customers! If you have a water loss in the Williamsport, Montoursville or surrounding areas give us a call at SERVPRO of Williamsport / Montoursville at 570-546-3500.