Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Concrete basement with muddy flood water marks up the wall almost the whole way

Flooded in Williamsport, PA

Williamsport, PA experienced some of the wettest years on record- and the homes in the area definitely felt it! In this picture you can see the marks on the wall where the basement had flooded almost the entire way up! 

SERVPRO of Williamsport/Montoursville specializes in water remediation- call us if your property floods!

Dresser and other debris in mud and water at the bottom of basement steps

Flooding Through Trout Run, PA

When the waters rise in the creeks and rivers, it has nowhere to go but out. Which is exactly what happened to this home in Trout Run, PA. Flood waters and debris came into their basement leaving everything a mess! 

Room downstairs with water puddles on a maroon carpet

Mill Hall Storms

Storm damage can happen to anyone, especially when it rains as much as it has in Mill Hall, PA and the rest of the SERVPRO of Williamsport/Montoursville area. Call SERVPRO for your storm damage loss today!

Building and mailbox surrounded by muddy flood water

Flood Waters in Muncy, PA

With the wettest year on record here in the SERVPRO of Williamsport/Montoursville region, there were a lot of homes and businesses flooded with muddy water, like this business in Muncy, PA. SERVPRO specializes in storm water remediation. Call us today!

Blue basement room with mud all over walls, carpet, desk and fireplace

Disastrous Storm in Montoursville, PA

This customer's basement in Montoursville, PA was devasted by a massive storm that rolled through. Water was almost 4 feet high on the walls and demolished carpeting, contents and the fireplace with mud and thick water.

Muddy water puddles in unfinished basement

Montoursville, PA Storms

The past few years have been some of the rainiest years on records for the SERVPRO of Williamsport / Montoursville area! Many basements and homes across the area have suffered from storm waters bursting through and causing a wet, muddy mess. Good thing SERVPRO is just a call away!

Brown water on red and gray basement floor

The Importance of Sump Pumps in Trout Run

This home in Trout Run, PA did not have their sump pump turned on when a large storm came through the area leaving them with over 18 inches of muddy water in their basement! SERVPRO of Williamsport / Montoursville extracted, dried, and cleaned the basement- and made sure the sump pumps were turned back on for the next time!