Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water in room filled with furniture and other contents

Williamsport, PA Water Damage

This customer called us because their floor drains had been sealed in their basement, so when a pipe burst in their newly finished basement it had nowhere to drain. There was so much water that it completely saturated the carpet and then some!

House with ceiling debris and water all over the hardwood floors

Water Damage in McElhatan, PA

All water damages are devastating, but did you know it can even cause paint to peel or bubble? If you look closely at this water damage that happened in McElhatan, PA you can see the ceiling fell through, the paint peeled, and it even bubbled and rolled in spots.

Gray and white basement with inches of water on the floor and boxes on shelving

South Williamsport, PA Water Loss

When a water line broke in this commercial property in South Williamsport, PA their entire building was fllooded with inches of water- from the storage room in the basement pictured here, to the storeroom upstairs. SERVPRO of Williamsport / Montoursville cleared out all the water and had the store dry in time for opening!

White square ceiling tiles all over a dark brown floor

The Sky is Falling in Williamsport, PA

Have you ever read Chicken Little? Well that is how this customer felt when a water pipe in their bathroom wall burst flooding their house and causing all of their ceiling tiles to fall down!

green SERVPRO equipment on floor with hoses inserted into sheetrock

Wall Drying Equipment

Water damages can happen anywhere- even inside the walls! Injectidry drying equipment can be used to save the walls rather than removing and replacing them, saving customers time and money!

green Air Movers on shelving in warehouse

Air Movers

Here is a photo of just some of the Air Movers we have on hand at SERVPRO of Williamsport / Montoursville. Cleaned, stored, and ready to go for the next Emergency Service Water Job!

Hardwood Floor Drying Mats

Floor Drying Equipment

Saving hardwood floors requires specialty equipment to do the job. Here is a picture of the hardwood floor drying mats being used to remediate a water damage and save these beautiful floors for our customers!